Linking data entities from different sources

The ClinGen Linked Data Hub (LDH) facilitates efficient access to collated information such as links and select data from different data sources, which are made available using RESTful APIs. Currently, LDH focuses on linking information about human genes and variants to support ClinGen curation efforts. Learn more

Contribute data and links to LDH

  • Do you have links to supporting evidence which will be useful for variant interpretation or gene validity or clinical actionability?

  • Do you have data that is not available in any other web-accessible data source and would you like to embed such data within LDH?

LDH content and access

  • Are you looking for a single source of information for your curation efforts?

  • Do you want to learn about the different kinds of entities stored in LDH?

  • Do you want to explore ways to access content in LDH?

LDH Stats
Entity Type Count
Allele Functional Impact 428
Allele Molecular Consequence 12,303,502
Brca Exchange Record 72,030
Civic Evidence 710
Clin Var Submission 143,112
Community Annotation 1,376
Gene 7,171
In Silico Prediction Score 1,535,838
In Silico Prediction Score Embedded 114,186
M Seq Dr 0
Mave Db Mapping 337,845
Population Allele Frequency Source 1,042,703
Population Allele Frequency 9,887,706
Pub Med 0
Variant 19,837,296
Total 45283903
Latest News
V1.0.0 NEW-FEATURE: Public Launch of LDH UI (2019-09-05)