What is the Linked Data Hub?

Linked Data Hub (LDH) is a new publicly accessible infrastructure to facilitate efficient access to collated information about variants to support variant/gene/actionability curations. Currently, LDH aggregates large volumes of variant centric data links for all variants registered in the ClinGen Allele Registry for select genes and a subset of relevant structured information from a growing number of diverse sources.

What is the technology stack used by the service?

  • NodeJS server back end
  • ArangoDB data store
  • RESTful-APIs with JSON representation (JSON Schemas coming soon)
  • (Front end Web UI built on Bootstrap, Ruby-on-Rails)

Does the LDH service have any dependencies?

LDH is backed specifically by a multi-model (document, graph, key-value) data store called ArangoDB, which is available on a wide variety of platforms. LDH application is developed using an open source server-side Javascript environment called NodeJS, which is also available on a wide variety of platforms. LDH itself assumes it is running on a generic Linux server. For access control, LDH will require an installed Genboree ecosystem and will use both the exposed low-level API of that ecosystem and directly employ its datastores.

How do I contribute data and links to LDH?

Please visit the Contribute data and links page for more information.

How do I get data from LDH?

Please visit the Content and Access page for more information.